What client's are saying:

Doing the six week challenge totally transformed my thinking around food and exercise. Not only did it force me to look at what I was actually putting into my body, it helped me make changes that I have persisted with well beyond the 6 weeks. I didn't realise that my 'healthy low-fat' diet was working against me. Since being on the challenge I have reduced my body fat and increased my knowledge and understanding of the role food plays and in addition got my fit on. I no longer see exercise as a chore but something that I need to do and enjoy doing. I get fully supported and set up for success with daily advice from Jess and our transformation group who were experiencing the same ups and downs as me. It has been a great platform to change the way I see myself and grow as a person. I owe Jess a lot

Jess is amazing, her enthusiasm for what she does reflects through on all the members who continue to gain in strength, confidence and positivity. I originally wanted to do the 6 week challenge to learn more about nutrition, fitness, tone my body and gain muscle. The biggest change for me though, was my mindset. I had clarity of mind, I started believing in myself again and felt more positive about my future. I learnt heaps about my body, never felt hungry because the real, wholesome foods were filling me up and leaving me feeling on top of the world, less tired, and my eyes and skin became clearer. My body fat decreased and my muscle increased, yay! Thanks Jess, you truely are an awesome trainer with a wealth of nutritional knowledge. Love your work xx - Faith

OMG I am mind blown! I seriously thought I would see changes, but nothing like this! Jess Watson, I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough! Your knowledge, encouragement and support is endless. Thank you, thank you, thank you – Katrina

Hi Jess. Can I just say thank you for all your help and advice. Its been the most educational health and fitness program I’ve ever known – Kim