The health & happiness journey

Are you ready to transform your life?
The Health & Happiness Journey is a safe, sacred space where you will transform your mind, body and soul.
A holistic program where you will learn sustainable techniques on how to deeply nourish your body, balance your mind & light your spirit.

What client's are saying:

Over the last 6 years I have trained with Jess and believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. She always creates a unique variety of exercises, she continuously brings love, positivity & energizing energy. Jess spoke to me regarding her Rise Sister Rise retreat and this was all new to me, but I’m a person who is up for a challenge and willing to try things out and I needed some time to focus on myself. I wanted to make changes to my wellbeing, lower my stress and feel better. The retreat was meant to be for me. I was able to relax, it helped me to get more in touch with myself and my energy. I feel more calm, more positive and noticed a difference in myself. Jess helped me to overcome mental blockages which were affecting me day to day. Jess is a wonderful Reiki and energy healer and spends time to understand the problems, and from that devised a personal wellness and healing plan to get me back to my normal true-self. And it is this kind of healing you just cant buy over the counter. I recommend Jess to people who are looking to better themselves, mentally and emotionally. I am so grateful for all the treatments received during the retreat, grateful for the ladies I got to spend it with and grateful for the beautiful location. Xx

Lynn B - Rise Sister Rise participant

I have known Jess for over 3 years now. Jess has been an amazing inspirational trainer.  Jess' new journey for spiritual healing is refreshing. Jess has always been working on trying to help others feel good about themselves.  I recently attended the Rise Sister Rise Retreat. I didn’t know what to expect, I jumped right in, cause I needed to change, I was lost to who I was as a person, as a mum and as a friend. The retreat was beautiful beautiful beautiful. It was uniquely amazing. The resort itself was amazing. It was peaceful with much needed time to spend on me. It was about discovering the best person who YOU can be. This in cooperated yummy food, morning stretches, daily guided journaling, fun activities, massage’s, reiki, crystals and oracle cards.  It was about discovery, a new healing, healthy you. With the added bonus of an amazing place, wonderful people and most of ALL a new ME. 

Cath R - Rise Sister Rise Retreat participant

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Core Body 6WT

Real People, Real Results


The Core Body 6 week Transformation Challenge will EMPOWER you to make real and enduring lifestyle changes.

                             It will inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself!

                       This program is now open for self paced study and can be started at any time!

Change starts within

As you go within and shift your frequency, the Universe will become synchronized with you.

You’ll feel more nourished, fulfilled, and you’ll resonate an inner strength that has been dormant inside you for a long time.

As you do this you’ll activate your Goddess codes and tap into your spiritual potential as well as higher gifts and abilities and can then start to serve the world in a more powerful and meaningful way.

BUT you DO need to shift your frequency DAILY! Join the Goddess Awakening private FB group, so you can keep your vibration high 😉

The most empowering part of working on your holistic health is being able to love yourself first and foremost. Loving yourself is about accepting ALL of yourself, including the parts that society may tell you are undesirable. Self-love is UNCONDITIONAL.

LOVE is the most potent and healing tool that we all have!

When you can learn to love yourself, you can then start to build a solid foundation of integrity, compassion and kindness.

Your soul will radiate! And when your soul is shining, this is when you can truly say that you are HAPPY.  


If you truly love yourself from within, then that will radiate out of you and affect EVERYTHING around you. In a good way! #positivevibes 

LOVE YOURSELF NOW! – The Self-Love Sanctuary is a 21 day self-discovery journey with lots of tips, tools, guidance, journaling, daily themes and exercises, recipes, private community and more.