Our Classes

Our classes are for any fitness level, from beginners to the experienced person. All exercises can be modified and scaled, so there is no need to feel intimidated. Both men and women are welcome.

Group Training Sessions

Group sessions are an affordable way to get fit and improve your holistic well-being. Plus, being part of a supportive community is proven to be a highly successful way of achieving your goals.  

We believe in nourishing the mind and soul, not only the physical body, so we also proudly offer you classes that will inspire health, harmony and healing in the body, mind, soul AND spirit. These sessions  include Yoga, Pilates, Crystal Sound Bowl Healing, Soul Healing Circle and Meditation. We also offer many Holistic Health & Well-being courses and programs.

There truly is something for EVERYONE!

Sessions are ongoing, and you can join in at any time.

Our group fitness sessions are run outdoors, where we can enjoy nature and take in our daily dose of  vitamin D. These classes run for between 30-60 mins and include Metafit, Boxing, Tabata, BodyBlast, MetaPWR, Yoga, Strength training, partner workouts, cardio, body conditioning, core and circuits. You will never get bored!


The original metabolic HIIT workout that keeps burning fat up to 24 hours after you’ve finished!

Fit Boxing

The ultimate cardio and endurance workout to get you fighting fit in no time!

Body Blast

A 45 minute, full body strength and conditioning workout to suit ALL fitness levels.


A fast and functional circuit class that builds muscle and burns fat!


A mix of weights and bodyweight training to build strength and muscle.


30 mins of high intensity interval training. Maximum fat burning in a short amount of time!


A 60 min dynamic style of yoga with a focus of uniting breath with movement, whilst building strength and flexibility.


With a focus on the breath and flow, Pilates exercises relieve stress and soothe aches and pains.

Soul Healing

Beautiful self-empowerment classes that inspire healing and harmony in body, mind & spirit.

Booking Classes Just Got Easier...

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Trial – $22 for 14 days Purchase in our shop


  • Weekly – $27.95
  • Fortnightly – $55
  • Monthly – $111


Regular payments are to be made by direct debit.Payments are debited from your bank account on your nominated day, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

No joining fee, no lock in contract, cancel anytime.


  • Casual sessions – $18
  • 10 session passes – $144

Family Discounts

Ask about our discount for 2 or more family members.


Jess and the trainers run the most amazing classes, catering for all fitness levels and offering a massive range of classes at different venues. Always encouraging, motivating, fun and professional.

Carrie S

Shiralee B

I love, love, love the CBHF fam. Jess and all her trainers are amazing, all the members are super supportive, friendly and encouraging no matter what your reasons for being there. Through Jess’s bootcamp I am feeling more confident, healthy and happy and actually look forward to working out.

They said… surround yourself with positive people that lifts you up, the answer is Core Body Fitness Health and Fitness group. CBHF is not just a fitness group, they are family. A very welcoming and encouraging environment. No judgement but empowerment

Cherry G

Mel R

Anything you desire….motivation, to lose weight, to run faster, to do a push-up on your toes, to see your abs, to have more energy, eat better….you will achieve by being part of this amazing and supportive fitness family. Thanks Jess for your wonderful creation.

Jess is not just an excellent trainer but a delightful lady willing to share her journey in health & fitness with everyone. And she hasn’t just created another gym, CBHF feels more like a supportive family that is willing to embrace and encourage everyone, helping people not only achieve goals but look beyond and aspire to new heights

Bec & Bruce

Lesley A

Awesome supportive group to be a part of, great energy, fantastic but unforgiving trainers 😁, promoting nutrition, correct form and a fitter, leaner, stronger YOU!

Do you want to join Us?

Our group sessions are an affordable and effective way to work on your holistic health and fitness! Achieve your goals sooner in an encouraging and enthusiastic environment with a group of great like minded individuals. Book in now and start working on yourself right away!