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Welcome home. This is your go to space for health, fitness, healing and holistic well-being. We offer a range of fun, empowering, and inspiring classes for the whole. Mind, Body and Soul.


The original metabolic HIIT workout that keeps burning fat up to 24 hours after you’ve finished!

Fit Boxing

The ultimate cardio and endurance workout to get you fighting fit in no time!

Body Blast

A 45 minute, full body strength and conditioning workout to suit ALL fitness levels.

Our Approach

We think health and fitness should be accessible to all. We want health and fitness to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, not a chore or punishment. We thrive off our supportive and encouraging fitness family and you will too!


Getting fit isn't always about the 6 pack and how many push ups you can do. Just being active for life situations, such as keeping up with your kids, is a great reason!


Food is the foundation to health and we encourage you to become more aware of what you are fuelling your body with for your fitness.


Helping you move correctly and safely is a huge deal to us! When your form is correct, you get stronger and less likely to get injured.


Our group is friendly, supportive, encouraging, motivating and everything you could ever want in a fitness group. You will always be greeted with a smile.

The Health & Happiness Journey

A 12 week program to help you create a happy and healthy life

About Jess

Hi, I’m Jess. It was my own personal transformation, losing 28 kilos, and a new found passion for exercise and nutrition that has inspired me to share my excitement and motivation with others.

If health and fitness is a part of your life already, then you know how amazing you start to feel. If you haven’t experienced that yet, then you are definitely missing out!

What I have learnt throughout my health and fitness journey, and for the first time in my life, is that living a better lifestyle is NOT about going on restrictive fad diets or spending hours, upon hours in the gym on the treadmill or the elliptical machine. It is about finding something that works for you and that you LOVE doing! Something that you would NEVER make up excuses for!

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals too! Being fit isn’t just about looking your best, your health is priceless too!

Booking Classes Just Got Easier...

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Group Training Sessions

Group sessions are an affordable way to get fit while working out in an extremely encouraging and enthusiastic environment with a group of great like minded individuals.